Wednesday, 1 October 2008



Exceller8 - Can You Reach (White Label)
Jaco - Show Some Love (Warp)
Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (Warp)
Lex Loofah - Freaky Deaky (Warp)
Black Mojo - Mojos Workin' (Warp)
DTek - Drop The Rock ep (Positiva)
Solitaire Gee - The Teazer (Phat as Phuck)
Lex Loofah - Jacked (Phat as Phuck)
The Phorce - Strong (Phat as Phuck)
Tempo by Committee - 3 2 Tha 4 (Phat as Phuck)
Solitaire Gee - Slumberland The Unreleased Mixes (Phat as Phuck)
Daisy & Havoc Meet Lex Loofah - Call it Booty (Jingo)
Dr Bad Vibes - Future Shock (Boiling Point)
Dr Bad Vibes - Funky Bimbo (Boiling Point)
Lex Loofah - I Love Robots (Wreked)
Lex Loofah & Julie Doce - The Buzz (Wreked)
Lex Loofah - Trois (Wreked)
Lex Loofah - Trois vol2 (Wreked)
Lex Loofah - Trois vol3 (Wreked)
Lex Loofah - Movement (Wreked)
Lex Loofah - Piglishh (Proxy)
Lex Loofah & Julie Doce - Epicia (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah - The Call it What you Will ep (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah - The Grooves for Groovers ep (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah Ft Dbo General, Urban Unity & Jah Light - Hotspots (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah - The Magic Number ep (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah & Julie Doce - Spleen (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah - The Flux ep (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah Vs Will Scarlett - Harlem Shuffle (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah - Dirty Beats And Late Nights (Red Robot)
Lex Loofah - Rise of The Robots (Red Robot)

Wall Of Sound - Critical (Positiva)
Indigo Dream - Hedonisto (Rumble)
Tocayo - Live in Peace (Limbo)
Dj Saab - Wheres The Party (Phat as Phuck)
Flipped Out - Lovebomb (Fourth Wave)
Daisy & Havoc - Sit on my Bass (Tool)
The Mainline Project - Not Yet Broken (Wreked)
Urban Unity - Welcome To Bradley (Red Robot)
Alan Svartr - Nyr (22 Digit)
Dj Efx - Mi Angel (Wreked)
Shibumi - Sweaty (Twister Tunes)
Giash - Dopamine (Twister Tunes)
Oscar Tg - Snapdragon (Red Robot)
Funkda - Tune In (Red Robot)
Will Scarlett - Enyways (Red Robot)
Urban Unity - Never Think when your Drinking (Red Robot)
Shesus Sanchez - Skate (Red Robot)
Dj Efx - Like I Feel it (Red Robot)
Rodrigo Diaz - Without a Brain (22 Digit)
Niki Carrera - Silly Things (Red Robot)
Urban Unity - Nuff Buff Gyal (Red Robot)
Urban Unity - Real World (Red Robot)
Urban Unity - Daylight Robbery (Red Robot)
Urban Unity - Innit (Red Robot)
Very Jon - Then When? (Red Robot)
Niki Carrera - What Can I Feel (Red Robot)
Lunarsea - Free (Red Robot)
Lunarsea - Chocolate Bush (Red Robot)
Lunarsea - Make Believe (Red Robot)
Machine Boy - Jamie (Red Robot)
Machine Boy - Action Figures (Red Robot)
Human Boot Project - Sneaking Sheep (Red Robot)
Ricardo Jefferson - Chi Town (Nice & Nasty)
John Orbiter - Galog Electro (Red Robot)
Oscar Tg Ft Will Scarlett - Sexy Face (Red Robot)

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Dr. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, M.D. said...

Wanna find a Way out? or has the Devil's world got you so engulfed, so enraptured you don't wanna even though you'll croak in 85ish years?? God bless you.